The Company

Expon International Group was cofounded as joint venture between several companies doing business in various spheres with the ultimate goal to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each one of the founding members. Currently, the company is widely recognized as a leader in its area of business and has established unmatched set of business activities in its portfolio.

This very unusual but extremely successful partnership has facilitated us the means to establish a unified source of direct management, which has led to a more coherent approach to the business strategy planning and development, operations optimization, more effective financial control, minimized risk, knowledge transfer, experience and human capacity exchange and improved overall performance.

All this combined has set us on the right track to continue our mission and keep evolving towards one even more successful future.

The People

The professionalism and complete devotion of our team has made the company what it is today. We challenge our employees to give the best of them in everything they do and they frequently manage to exceed and go beyond ours and our customers' and partners' expectations.

Our company - these are our employees, our business - this is what they do.

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